Just My Luck - Rebecca Rennick

Emma Johnson has the worst luck. No really, she does. Murphy’s Law never applied to anyone better. If something can go wrong, it usually does. Thankfully she’s figured out a way to deal with her bad luck curse, by becoming a risk assessment analyst. Until she gets blindsided by her boss who decides AI is cheaper than her. Not only that but her apartment floods and it pushes her to the end of her rope. At the insistence of her best friend Jules, she decides to cross the sea to find the luck of the Irish, hoping a four-leaf clover can counteract her curse.
Conor O’Shea is one of the best MMA fighters in Ireland and if you ask him probably the world. He never loses and luck always seems to be on his side, except when it comes to dating. The women he attracts aren’t the kind to take home to Mum or Nan. His life is all about training so cutting out time to find a girl who’s more interested in him than his money or celebrity is tough to do.
One night at a pub and a handful of salt later Emma’s bad luck brings her face to face with the muscled fighter who finds her endearing and thinks she’s overexaggerating the power of luck. That is until his luck fails him days before a big fight.
Can he help her find her own good luck and get his back in the process? Or will their growing attraction to each other create more problems than their luck can handle?
This book contains sexually explicit content and is intended for adults 18+ Please refer to Rebecca's website for full list of content warnings.
This book is part of a series of stand alones and it is not required to read previous books prior to reading this one.

eBook Information
Title: Just My Luck
Series: Gummy Bear Orgy; book 3
Author: Rebecca Rennick
File format: epub, mobi, pdf
Language: English

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